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In the backseat of a mustang you looked so much
like a movie. The sleeves of your shirt cut off
and gas station glasses. Open beer and the wind
forgiving nothing. I was almost myself, watching

Where are the words I devoured
The English hoard I treasured
inside this body soon to be

I once kept a tangerine in my purse. I watched it turn leathery, sweet and puckered. Eventually, there was nothing to it at all, just a dried-up husk.

Dream # 1: Diogenes Lights the Lamp
“Come, child,” Diogenes takes me by the hand. “Let me show you the way.” His fingers are gnarled and twisted, ancient twigs.

who secretly thrilled to Ursula
who shared her envy
of that underwater voice
and wanted nothing more

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  • Room 38.4, Fieldwork
    Room 38.4, Fieldwork
    Edited by Taryn Hubbard

    In this issue: Sharon Bala, Marie Annharte Baker, Alana Bartol, Aimée Henny Brown, Roxanne Charles, Chelsey Clammer, Julia Dault, Cynthia Flood, Lakshmi Gill, Taryn Hubbard, Clara Lagacé, Madelaine Caritas Longman, catherine mcneil, Alessandra Naccarato, M. NourbeSe Philip, Siobhan Phillips, Medrie Purdham, Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Shannon Rayne, Amy Roher, Melissa Sawatsky, Caitlin Scarano, Serena Shipp, Claire Marie Stancek, Carol Harvey Steski, Dorothea Wojtowicz .

Interview Room

In the following interview, Annharte discusses her writing practice, safe places, remembering family, good storytelling, and more.

Lakshmi Gill

Lakshmi Gill, writer and one of the first women members of the League of Canadian Poets, on her writing practice and her poem "Mental Lucina" published in 38.4 Fieldwork.

A great piece of CNF grabs me by the heart and the gut (is there a difference?) from the start and holds me tight to the end. It makes me laugh or cry or better, both.


As part of Vancouver’s PUSH Festival, Cynthia Hopkin’s one woman show, A Living Documentary, immediately hooks the audience in with just her mere presence on stage.

We enter the narrative after the fight, after the authorities are called, after the unnamed protagonist leaves and the rain has started.

Leah Horlick’s second collection of poetry is a fictionalized autobiography that focuses on a violent lesbian relationship.

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WINNERS: 2015 Cover Art Contest

Announcing the winners of our first Cover Art Contest.

SHORTLIST: Cover Art Contest

We're excited to announce the shortlist of our first annual Cover Art Contest. With over 300 works of visual art to choose from, judges Amy Friend & Ilene Sova have selected this list by five artists.