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Issue 43.4 Twine

Get the latest Issue ROOM 43.4, Twine

Edited by Geffen Semach In this issue: Shaelin Bishop, Jaclyn Desforges, Alisha Dukelow, Leah Edwards, Thomarya ‘tee’ Fergus, Whitney French, Jamisyn Gleeson, Nazanine Hozar, Jenny Heijun Wills, Tiffany Hsieh, Jessi Lee Jackson, Jen Wei Ting, Alannah Johnson, Margo LaPierre, Annick MacAskill, Dawn Macdonald, Laila Malik, kitchen mckeown, Catherine Mellinger, Dene Moore, Marisca Pichette, Maria Qamar, Natasha Ramoutar, Emily Riddle, Jasmine Sealy, Nadia Siu Van, Katie So, Dahae Song, Marie Metaphor Specht, amanda wan, Isabella Wang, Evelyn C. White, and Eugenia Zuroski

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Room 43.3 Issue Neurodivergence


Welcome to the first issue of Room to directly recognize those of us who socialize, learn, pay attention, feel, and think outside of “normal.”

Edited by Rachel Thompson

Devour cover: Pink background with 3 arms. One each lighting a candle, holding a vibrator, holding a tea bag over a cup

ROOM 43.2, Devour

Devour isn’t simply ingesting. It’s to consume ravishly. To completely and wholly take something in.

Edited by Jessica Johns

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