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Poetry Contest 2022: The Longlist

Poetry Contest 2022: The Longlist

We are thrilled to announce the longlist for our 2022 Poetry Contest! A big thank you to our Room collective members, and a big congratulations to these talented poets! ---- Room Magazine’s 2022 Poetry Contest Longlist Viewer Commiseration is Contrived, by Vironika...

Review of The Bear Woman in Translation

Review of The Bear Woman in Translation

How had Marguerite ended up on that phantom island, the Île des Démons, crawling inside a dark cave surrounded by wild wolverines and hungry, snarling bears? What scandalous affair aboard the ship had led to her abandonment? These insatiable curiosities fill the writer’s mind, and she is swept away in research, trying to escape her own time by imagining life in the 16th century. 

Review of Beast at Every Threshold

Review of Beast at Every Threshold

Poems in Beast at Every Threshold attempt both: the consumption of media and narratives is a process of looking for reflections of the self in another, while to “fluent” is to, in a way, translate between languages of love and touch.

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