Room's Contests: CNF, Poetry & Fiction, Art

Creative Non-Fiction Contest

Open October 15, 2015–March 8, 2016

Enter the CNF ContestFIRST PRIZE: $500 + publication in Room
SECOND PRIZE: $250 + publication in Room
HONOURABLE MENTION: $50 publication on Room's website

Judge: Kate Braid

Kate Braid has muddled about in the intersection between loving trees and being responsible for cutting down forests full (as a carpenter and a writer) for years. She has written, co-written and/or edited four books of non-fiction, including most recently her memoir, Journeywoman: Swinging a Hammer in a Man’s World. Her personal essays have been widely published and anthologised, most recently, “Saying Hello to Fear” in Room, about writing the memoir. She has also written five books of prize-winning poetry as well as co-editing with Sandy Shreve the anthology, In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry. After teaching creative writing for twelve years, Kate now gives readings, lectures and workshops across Canada. See

Fiction & Poetry Contests

Our 2015 Fiction and Poetry Contests closed on August 1, 2015. The winners.

Our 2016 Fiction and Poetry Contests will open April 15, 2016. The judges are Marilyn Dumont (poetry) and Doretta Lau (fiction).

FIRST PRIZE: $1,000 + publication in Room
SECOND PRIZE: $250 + publication in Room
HONOURABLE MENTION: $50 publication on Room's website

Cover Art Contest

Our first annual Cover Art Contest closed on December 7th. The winners will be announced in early 2016.

Judges: Amy Friend (cover artist, Room issue 36.1 Mythologies of Loss) & Ilene Sova (artist & founder of Toronto's Feminist Art Conference)

FIRST PRIZE: $500 + publication on the cover of issue 39.2 of Room
SECOND PRIZE: $50 + publication in issue 39.2 of Room
HONOURABLE MENTION:publication on Room's website

All winners will be published with an artist statement and profiled on Room magazine’s blog. Winners will have the option to submit additional artwork for the issue, which, if selected for publication, will be compensated for at our usual rates.

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General Guidelines

  • Room's contests are open to women, including trans*, two-spirited, and genderqueer people.
  • Each entry must be original, unpublished, not submitted or accepted elsewhere for publication or previously to Room, and not entered simultaneously in any other contest.
  • Each entry cost $35 CAD to enter, and $7 CAD for each additional entry. For international entrants: $49 USD, and $7 USD. All submissions include a one-year subscription to Room. Additional entries do not include an additional free subscription. (Current subscribers will be given an extension on their subscription.)
  • We only use Submittable, a secure online submissions management tool, to manage our submissions. For more information about using Submittable, please check our Submissions page.
  • Judging will be blind. Please ensure that your name or any personal details are not included in your submission document; this includes the file name. (You will have a chance to include your contact information on the Submittable form).
  • Cover letters are not necessary, but if you want to send us one, include your cover letter on the Submittable form.
  • Previously commissioned Room writers and contest judges are barred from participating in subsequent contests at Room.

Writing Contest Rules

  • For fiction and creative non-fiction, one submission includes one short story or essay of up to 3,500 words.
  • We would prefer if you double spaced your prose.
  • One poetry submission includes up to three poems or 150 lines of poetry.
  • When submitting multiple poems, please begin your second and third poems on a new page, in the same document.

Cover Art Contest Rules

  • One cover art contest entry includes up to three images and corresponding artist statement(s). Please copy-and-paste the artist statement(s) in the section marked "Artist Statement" on the entry form in Submittable.
  • Artist statements should be between 100-200 words.
  • Judging will be blind. Please ensure that your name and bio are not included in your submission document or on your artist statement. You will have a chance to send us your bio once your work has been selected for publication.
  • Please upload your artwork in JPG or PDF form. Maximum file size 1 MB. Winners will be contacted for high resolution work.
  • There are no official guidelines for artwork dimensions, but please note that we will have to crop any artwork so that it fits the cover space (approximately 6 inches x 7 inches with a bleed). You can check out past covers of Room here.
  • Each entry must be original, and must not have appeared on the cover of another publication (works that have been published on your own website or on the interior pages of a book or magazine, and or have been featured in a public exhibition are eligible), and not entered simultaneously in any other contest or competition.

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