Congratulations to the Winners of our Fiction Contest 2019!

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We are over the moon to be sharing with you the winners of our Fiction Contest 2019!

First of all, we would like to extend our gratitude again to our judge, Catherine Hernandez, for her work on the contest, and to every writer who shared their work with us. Short stories written by our first and second place winners will be published in an upcoming issue of Room, 43.2, and you can read the honourable mention through the link below. Our heartfelt congratulations to Carmina, Kirsten, and Megan on their win! 


Room's 2019 Fiction Contest: The Winners

1st Place: “Three Days Running” by Megan Beadle

Megan Beadle is a Toronto-based publishing professional who wears many hats: writer, freelance editor, book seller, and agent. When she isn’t writing literary short fiction, she is working on a Watty-winning YA fantasy novel under her pseudonym, M.E. Waldock.

2nd Place: “Opening” by Carmina Ravanera

Carmina is a fiction writer based in Toronto. She also works as a researcher and editor, with a focus on social justice and equity.

Honourable Mention: “Pieces of Me” by Kirsten Bligh

Kirsten Bligh is a prairie writer from small-town Saskatchewan living in Toronto. A dual-graduate of the University of Regina’s Film Production and Theatre Studies programs, she enjoys working in a multitude of storytelling formats. Kirsten studies part-time through the University of Toronto Continuing Studies Creative Writing program.


You can view the longlist and shortlist through the hyperlinks. If you're interested in submitting your short stories to our contest, our fiction contest opens annually on January 8th. As for any flash fiction writers, we highly encourage you to check out our Annual Short Forms Contest which opens in September.


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