Creative Non-Fiction Contest 2022: The Longlist

The wait’s over: our 2022 Creative Non-Fiction Contest longlist is here! Congratulations to these twelve writers, and our sincerest gratitude to all those who submitted work to this year’s contest.


Room Magazine’s 2022 Creative Non-Fiction Contest Longlist

Girl Crush or Crush Crush?, by Catherine Lewis

Four Drafts of a Good Blood Sugar, by Tamsyn Riddle

Wolverine’s Nipples, by Felix Deiss 

mouthfeel, by Jen Knox 

Thanksgiving, by Maryam Rafiee

The Waiting Room, by Caitlin Stall-Paquet

Autoimmune Disease: Because the Only Thing Strong Enough to Beat Me Up Is Me, by Sara Watkins

The Tower Will Not Hold, by Ceilidh Michelle

when ghosts dance, by Alexandra Nordstrom

Listening to the Great Teacher Might Get Your Ass Kicked, by Tamara Jong

Clink Canoe, by Sydney Roberts

the word for melancholia, by Katie Brewer Ball


These pieces are now up for consideration for the shortlist, to be read by our judge, Luna Ferguson. The shortlist will be announced Friday, August 26th. If you missed submitting to our CNF contest this time around, our Poetry Contest is now open, until August 31st!

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