Beany John

Beany John embodies the Two Spirit shapeshifter: dancer and storyteller. As a multidisciplinary artist, Beany is continually inspired and motivated to influence Indigenous people to feel validated and strong: “We manifest the royalty of our ancestors before contact, the righteous stewards of the land. If every Indigenous person were to reclaim their Indigeneity, it would be a reawakening. When The Earth Cries Out is an expression of our Mother Earth calling out the destruction human beings have brought upon her. It’s up to us to hear and listen.” – Beany John

Beany John was intended to be a part of our day-long Indigenous Brilliance event at the 2020 Growing Room Literary and Arts Festival, but instead we’re happy to share Beany’s storytelling through dancing here. You can support more of our artists and contributors by ordering the 44.1 Growing Room issue online, and watch this space as we share more content from contributors to the Growing Room 44.1 issue all throughout the month of March.