Tipping Point: Letter from the Editor

Lue Palmer

I have often had the feeling of being on a precipice, and wondered if I might fall backward onto solid ground, or forward into something irreversible. I feel as if we are, in this moment, hanging in the balance between possibility and despondency. 

I find this in the words of these authors—as they speak to the generosity of nature, and the changes taking place in our climate. As they delve into their interior lives and make demands for repair, stability, and rest. Their writing contemplates moments of breaking that bring us all much closer, or much further away from the future that we desire. 

In the imaginations of .chisaraokwu., of Lacey Yong, of Ava Fathi, in the work of our commissioned author Myriam J.A. Chancy, the writers in this issue confront environment, future, and agency in times of upheaval. They locate the rich interior lives of people of colour in this moment. 

There is also cause for humour and tenderness at this bizarre time—and I will always admire the work of artists for preserving this. 

I would like to thank this year’s contest judges and winners for their vibrant and brilliant work, which has animated the pages of this issue. 

I would also like to thank my assistant editor, Micah Killjoy, and shadow editors Ruchika Gothoskar and Omi Rodney for their creativity, editorial skills, and willingness to jump in. 

Finally, I would like to thank our readers, for being the vessel through which so many voices come to life. 

— Lue Palmer

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