Short Forms Contest 2022: The Longlist

The longlist is here! Here are the thirteen longlisted pieces from our 2022 Short Forms Contest, which closed back in November.


Room Magazine 2022 Short Forms Contest: The Longlist

Bookmarks Tab, by Sadie McCarney

On Wings, by Danica Longair

Foxholes, by Tina Wayland 

The Chipmunk, by Dawn Miller 

Wayward, by Chanel Sutherland 

I found a place where time stands still, by Amanda Proctor

Once Upon a Time, by Victoria McIntyre

Twelve Steps to Indignity, by Candace Webb 

You Should Know, by Dorryce Smelts

A Void is a Ghost, by ViNa Nguyen 

Shoulders, by Isra Siddiqui

Would the Comma be Blue, by Tea Gerbeza

We are All Mathematicians, by Moni Brar


A big thank you to our Room readers for narrowing down the many excellent submissions to this year’s contest: these works are now up for consideration by our judge, Alix Ohlin! Keep an eye out for the Shortlist and the Winners, which will be announced in the coming days. A big congratulations to these 13 writers, and a big thank you to all those who submitted.

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