About Face | 31.1


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About Face, the theme of many of the pieces in these pages, not only contains the concept of change, it covers appearance, illusion, image, and the many faces women present to the world. Claire Tacon and Lindsay Lorimer give us women who are protective of the identities they reveal. Poets Sheri-D Wilson, Michelle Barker, Madhur Anand, Christen Thomas, Jennifer Ironside, and Emilia Nielsen provide us with thoughtful visions of contemporary Canadian life. Susan McCaslin and Juliet Bates both take on reality and alter it, while Carin Makuz examines what is and is not real, and how to tell the difference. Talleen Hacikyan’s two postcard stories turn their worlds upside down, and finally Mélanie Grondin’s ekphrastic poems and the striking, intimate work of artists Heidi Nagtegaal and Vanessa Radunz are, quite literally, about the faces we wear, and how others view them and respond to them.


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Canada, USA, International, Digital

In this issue: Madhur Anand, Michelle Barker, Juliet Bates, Stephanie Bolster, Mary, Borsky, Candace Fertile, Melanie Grondin, Talleen Hacikyan, Jennifer Ironside, Angela Long, Lindsey Lorimer, Carin Makuz, Heather Menzies, Pam Calabrese MacLean, Susan McCaslin, Heidi Nagtegaal, Emilia Nielsen, Vanessa Radunz, Laisha Rosnau, Elizabeth Shaffer, Amanda Sun, Claire Tacon, Christen Thomas, Sheri-D Wilson, Patricia Young