Ten writers have made our 2020 Poetry Contest Shortlist. Big thank you to our esteemed judge, Canisia Lubrin, for her work, and congrats to these talented poets!


“Meeting Jibreel” by Majda Gama

“alternate universe in which my trauma response is made of birds” by Lisa Baird

“After Life” by Marika Prokosh

“Materia Medica” by Nikki Sheppy

“Eulogy” by Fran Westwood

“Relocation” by Brandi Bird

“Picking Season” by Melanie Power

“Heirloom” by Cara Waterfall

“Arctic Archipelago” by Heather Simeney MacLeod

“Pocketed Roots”, by Erin Goheen


If you are curious to know which shortlisted poems are ultimately selected by our judge as the top three submissions, stay in touch; the announcement will be made before the year is out. While you’re here, check out our 2020 Cover Art Contest which is closing in early January.