Ruchika Gothoskar

We know, we know. This one’s a little late. We’re sorry! 2020 has been quite a time. But here they are: the sixteen longlisted poems from our 2020 Poetry Contest!

Room‘s 2020 Poetry Contest: The Longlist

“Clear Divisibility” by Alexei Perry Cox
“Countdown as Drunk Mothers” by Brandi Bird
“Relocation” by Brandi Bird
“Heirloom” by Cara Waterfall
“Pocketed Roots”, by Erin Goheen
“Eulogy” by Fran Westwood
“Arctic Archipelago” by Heather Simeney MacLeod
“alternate universe in which my trauma response is made of birds” by Lisa Baird
“Meeting Jibreel” by Majda Gama
“After Life” by Marika Prokosh
“Picking Season” by Melanie Power
“Blackie” by Nicole Robitaille
“Materia Medica” by Nikki Sheppy
“Lesson’s In My Mother’s Tongue” by Sara Ibrahim
“Mula-higg” by Sara Ibrahim
“Phantom Wave” by Victoria McArtor

Thank you to every writer who trusted us and our judge, Canisia Lubrin, with their poems. The shortlist and winners will be announced soon. In the meantime, our 2020 Cover Art contest is still accepting submissions. In the meantime, have a wonderful and safe holiday season.


Image by Carissa D’andrade.