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Lit Mag Love helps writers find places to publish where they may find their words cherished by readers. Episodes feature interviews with literary magazine editors about submitting to their publications. Hosted by Rachel Thompson.

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Episode 20: Flash and Fire with Rebecca Salazar of Plenitude

Episode 19: Take Control of Your Narrative with Robin Richardson of the Minola Review

Episode 18: Know You're In a Conversation with Lilly Dancyger of Narratively

Episode 17: Delight in Language with Maya Marshall of [PANK]

Episode 16: Take Notice (Donna Talarico, Hippocampus Magazine)

Episode 15: Pick Pleasure Over Ambition (Wendy Lesser, The Threepenny Review)

Episode 14: Be Luminescent (Amanda Leduc, Little Fiction / Big Truths)

Episode 13: Lift Up Women's Stories (Sierra Skye Gemma, Room Magazine)

Episode 12: Remember Write Rhymes with Fight (Eufemia Fantetti, The Humber Literary Review)

Episode 11: Understand Who You Are (Alicia Elliott, The Fiddlehead)

Episode 10: Stick With Writers (Shazia Hafiz Ramji, PRISM International)

Episode 9: Turn Your Writing Outward (Carleigh Baker, Joyland Vancouver)

Episode 8: Write When Language Fails (Janice Lee, Entropy)

Episode 7: Let Love Lead You (Derek Askey, The Sun)

Episode 6: Invest in Relationships (Pamela Mulloy, The New Quarterly)

Episode 5: Listen to the Writing (Chelene Knight, Room Magazine)

Episode 4: How Writing is like Running and Cycling (Andrea Bennett, Maisonneuve)

Episode 3: Make Something Strange (Thea Prieto, The Gravity of the Thing)

Episode 2: Expose Something Scary (John Haggerty, The Forge)

Episode 2.2: Nahid Rachlin's "Three Sharp-Edged Memories"

Episode 1: No Subject is Off Limits (Shashi Bhat, Event Magazine)

About the Host

Rachel Thompson joined her first feminist collective while attending a small-town elementary school in Manitoba, and Room's editorial collective in 2010, where she previously served as Managing Editor. Her debut collection of poems, Galaxy (Anvil Press, 2011), won the SFU Writer's Studio's First Book Competition. She helps writers get ready to reveal their words (and their brilliancy) through her project, We Are Lit Writers.


Host: Rachel Thompson
Editor: Meghan Bell (Episodes 1-7) / Mica Lemiski (Episodes 8 - present)
Produced by Room magazine and Rachel Thompson

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