Fainting Couch Feminists

A podcast about Canadian literature, feminism, and everything in between. New episodes published on the 15th of every month. Hosted by Mica Lemiski.

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Episode Six: It's Time to Un-White with Alicia Elliott (February 2018)

Episode Five: Now What?: After #MeToo with Morgan Brayton (January 2018)

Episode Four (Part Two): Family Secrets featuring Gurjinder Basran (December 2017)

Episode Four (Part One): Family Secrets featuring Carys Cragg (December 2017)

Episode Three: Evany Rosen is a Funny Lady (November 2017)

Episode Two: Love featuring Mandy Len Catron and Carrie Jenkins (October 2017)

Episode One: Why We Write featuring Selina Boan and Mallory Tater (September 2017)

About the Host

Mica Lemiski is an MFA student at UBC and contributor to Room ("Tiny Parts," Issue 39.2). Her thesis project is a combination of comedic personal essays and original music, which is being developed into a podcast series. She is the host of "Fainting Couch Feminists." She is originally from Vernon, B.C. but is currently based in Vancouver.

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Hosting, editing, and all music by Mica Lemiski 
Produced by Room magazine and Mica Lemiski

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