Taking Control

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Room vol 25.3: Taking Control
Edited by 
Patricia Robitaille

The stories and poems in this issue largely focus on the theme of control. We seem to be tying to gain control, trying to avoid taking control and full responsibility for our lives or struggling to accept that there are things beyond our control....Also in this issue, we are proud to feature the winners of our 2001 Fiction & Poetry Contest. We received more than 175 submissions from authors across North America; there were many great pieces, and we certainly had some difficult choices to make. Congratulations to our 2001 winners and thanks to everyone who entered.

Artist's Statement

It intrigues me to reflect upon past experience: memory fades and distorts events with time. What happened and what did not? Yet there is a real dividing line between historical fact and imagining something that never occurred.

Maria is one of a series of paintings that arise seemingly unbidden from my subconscious. I begin by affixing old sewing pattern tissues randomly to the canvas surface. There seems to be a right time to stop; close observation follows. The main subject begins to emerge, calling for enhancement. Then some line drawing and acrylic paint bring the woman into her painted reality.

Perhaps the viewer will see an image, that the artist does not. Both bring a unique past to the looking.

About the Contributors 

Zoe Landale teaches creative writing at Kwantlen University College in Richmond, BC. She is the author of five books. Her most recent books are: The Rain Is Full of Ghosts, a novel, and Blue in This Country, poetry. Landale's poetry and prose appear in upwards of thirty anthologies.

Meredith Adolph lives in Toronto. After a hectic year of working full-time as a cook and studying shiatsu therapy part-time, she hopes for a quieter life, one that includes more writing. Her work has been included in Bent on Writing, an anthology released in spring 2002.

Sophia Sperdakos was born in Montreal, lives and works in Toronto, and is drawn by images of the prairie. Her article on Toronto suffragist and poet Laura McCully was published in Ontario History. She has recently begun writing fiction and won an honourable mention in a Canadian Authors' Association--Niagara Branch short story contest in 2000. This is her first piece for Room of One's Own.

Tammy Armstrong's writing has appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies in Canada, the US and the UK. She won the New Brunswick Writers Federation Alfred G. Bailey Prize and the David Adams Richards Prize and placed third in the League of Canadian Poets National Poetry contest. Her poetry was performed at the National Art Gallery, 2000. Her first collection of poetry is Bogman's Music (Anvil Press, 2001). Her first novel is Translations: Aistreann (Coteau Books, 2002). She is currently working on a new novel.

In this issue

Meredith Adolph, Amy Antongiovanni, Tammy Armstrong, Patricia T. Cochran, Danielle Dalton, Jodi Daynard, Kirsten Dinnall Hoyte, Theresa Dudley, Jean Eng, Alison Frost, Zan Gay, Tavia Hafso, Rebecca Hendry, Jan Houston, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Beverly J. Koski, Zoe Landale, Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Lee Anne Pellerin, Nilofar Shidmehr, Sophia Sperdakos, Patricia Stone, Susan Terris, and Carolyn Zonailo

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