Fainting Couch Feminists Episode Sixty-Seven: Killer Content: Alexandra Cunningham Talks TV Writing and True Crime

Interview by 
Mica Lemiski

Power guest alert! Alexandra Cunningham is a showrunner, writer, and producer best known for her work on Desperate Housewives and, most recently, Bravo's Dirty John, where she is the showrunner aka THE BOSS OF EVERYTHING. Alexandra is shaping the true crime genre as we know it in pop culture, and so we chatted about why stories of murder and deception resonate so strongly with women, as well as how Alexandra is making the genre less exploitative. We also chatted about Alexandra's personal journey to becoming a force in Hollywood and what qualities she looks for when hiring writers for her shows. Plus, the cocaine-fuelled stage drama that started her career. There’s something for everyone in this juicy ep.

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