Fainting Couch Feminists Episode 71: Expectation Vs. Reality: Caitlyn Sponheimer Talks Romance, Role-Playing, and Selling Used Underwear

Interview by 
Mica Lemiski
Caitlyn Sponheimer

Caitlyn Sponheimer is a writer, filmmaker, and actor whose new movie, April in Autumn, explores the tension between fantasy and reality in grand romance narratives. Even if we dream of so-called "grand gestures," do we actually enjoy them in real life? Caitlyn and Mica also discuss typecasting and why they gravitate towards roles (whether in acting, writing, or real life) that allow them to rebel against stereotypes they're expected to embody. Also: the inspiration behind Caitlyn's short film, "Kitty's Naughty Knickers," the mythic allure of "finding yourself" through travel, and why a lot of Caitlyn's early acting role models were men.

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