Indigenous Brilliance Podcast – Season 2 Ep. 3: Intentional composting is creative community care process

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In the final episode of season 2, Art Ecosystem members Lexi and Karmella chat with friend and community member Kílila Raine (Squamish Nation) about transformative justice, harm reduction and accountability processes in the context of self care, community care, renewal and growth.

This episode closes out the year with an invitation to care for ourselves and care for each other through the messy process of conflict resolution and accountability. We are invited to rest, to step into a space and practice of transformative justice on a fractal level (adrienne maree brown), to compost our conflict, plant our seeds close to home, and tend to growing better futures.

We are reminded by this episode that being accountable to ourselves and each other in community, is a process. We invite you to examine your own process and step into the liberation, creativity, and practice of accountability, with room for mistakes and compassion in our growth along the way.

Until next szn,

thanks for tuning in, and thank you to everyone we are accountable to, and in community with!


*transcription available 01/2023

theme song by edzi’u 

Books and reference: 

Care Work by Leah Lekshmi 

We do this till we free us  by Mariame Kaba

Shout outs: 



“Transformative Justice takes as a starting point the idea that what happens in our interpersonal relationships is mirrored and reinforced by larger systems. […] For me, Transformative justice is about how we respond to violence and harm in a way that doesn’t cause more violence and harm.” 

-Mariame Kaba, We do this till we free us (Page 149) 


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