Fiction Contest 2022: The Longlist

Drumroll, please! We are thrilled to announce the longlist for our 2022 Fiction Contest. A hearty congratulations to the following writers, and, as always, a big thank you to all those who submitted their work!


Room Magazine’s 2022 Fiction Contest Longlist

Fuzzy Peaches, by Kelly Pedro

Mermaid’s Tears, by Hannah Brown 

Esther, by Audrey Green 

The Last Supper, by Stephanie Lawrence

The Mother Witch, by Sara Greene

Even A Rabbit, by Kaitlyn Gibbesch

Once in a Yellow Sun, by Madeleine Leznoff 

Transcendent Expectation, by Denise Unrau 

The Incompleteness Theorem, by Amanda Merritt



Another congrats to those on the longlist, and endless gratitude to the readers of our Room collective for their consideration of all the submissions and the curation of this list. We will be sharing the shortlist and winners, chosen by judge Shashi Bhat, over the next few weeks. Want to try your hand at submitting to a contest? Our Creative Non-Fiction Contest, judged by Luna Ferguson, is open until June 15th!


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