Creative Non-Fiction Contest 2021: The Longlist

It’s finally here: our 2021 Creative Non-Fiction Contest longlist! Congratulations to these thirteen writers, and a heartfelt thank you to all those who submitted work to this year’s contest.

Light and Shadow: One Painting, Two Lives, Emily McKibbon
Zebrafish, Neive Dwyer
Combustion Sustaining, Life Supporting: A Diptych, Kristen Morrison
Missing Teeth, Alia Omar
Maggie May, Sarah Holloway
Searching for Leoni, Jillian Sunderland
The Awakening at Hains Point, Linette Marie Allen
An Artist’s Model, Tove Black
The Night Of, Sofia Sears
How to bird without a name, Laila Malik
The Unforgivable, Zoe Smith-Holladay
I Can Feel Him Breathing, Tara McGuire
A New Natural, Kylie Hough

These pieces are now up for consideration for the shortlist, to be read by our judge, Dr Njoki Wane. The shortlist will be announced Friday, September 17th. If you missed submitting to our CNF contest this time around, our Short Forms Contest is now open, until November 15th!

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