Cover Art Contest 2021: Third Place

Laura D. Silva

This piece is the third place winner for the 2021 Cover Art Contest, as judged by Chief Lady Bird.

THIRD PLACE: It’s Complicated, by Laura Silva

“El hombre es Dios cuando crea. Years ago an esteemed teacher told me this while discussing art. It translates to “humans are God when they create”. To me, this phrase is about the power of bringing something meaningful into existence, and it gave me the courage to find pride in portraying the way I experience life through art. I believe when we create authentic artwork we breathe life, purpose, and the power of transformation into it.

Most of my original illustrations and paintings are born from everything I’m passionate about—my Colombian heritage, visual storytelling, art that shaped me, and the love I feel for my family. In addition to this, most of my personal pieces are a reflection on my complicated relationship with my mind, the discovery of my own personality, and the recognition of my worth.

I, just like many others, see a stranger when I look in the mirror. I don’t know this woman, and I don’t trust her, but I love her deeply and I patiently wait for the day she learns to love herself.”

“This piece effectively communicates a struggle that is so familiar to many; attempting to find self love and acceptance in a society that teaches us scarcity- feelings of not being enough, and not having enough.” — Judge Chief Lady Bird 

Laura D. Silva is a Colombian first-year art student at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design who came to Canada in 2021 in her pursuit of a career in art and craft. A mostly self-taught digital illustrator with a passion for realistic and expressionist portraits, she considers herself to be on a journey of creative self-discovery and looks forward to continuing to expand her practice through learning and experimentation.

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