Cover Art Contest 2021: The Shortlist

The 2021 Cover Art Contest shortlist is here! Congratulations to the six artists whose contest submissions have been shortlisted by our incredibly talented judge, Chief Lady Bird! 


Room’s 2021 Cover Art Contest: The Shortlist

It’s Complicated, by Laura Silva

the kanadian (trans-migratory) dream, by semillites hernandez velasco

Nimisenh mizhishawabi, by Sarah McPherson

莫(Mò), by Kyla Yin

Eclipse, by Deepa Gopal

Cracked Up, by Laurie Mackie 


Congratulations to these incredible artists, and all those who courageously gave us their art to consider. A big thank you to our incredible judge, Chief Lady Bird, for her careful consideration and time in selecting these works. It is never easy to judge a contest, especially when the submissions are so excellent. We appreciate the time, effort, and love put into this selection by Chief Lady Bird, and everyone who’d taken the time to submit a piece of artwork. Keep an eye on our website for the list of winners, which will be coming your way next week.

The featured image includes cover art from our last three issues, with the middle issue being 2020’s Cover Art Contest winner. From left to right, Issue 44.1 Growing Room, Issue 44.2 City Rhythms, and Issue 45.1 Ancestors.

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