Call for Submissions: Issue 46.1

Michelle Ha

Around the Table: Asian Voices

In many Asian cultures, life revolves around the table, whether that’s prepping and cooking, having a meal with friends and family, passing down generations of stories, or simply having a cup of tea. It’s a place for gathering and building relationships and community, and here with issue 46.1, we would like to do just that.

We invite you to submit your unpublished work to share with us “Around the Table” for issue 46.1–an issue we hope will serve as a platform for supporting Asian stories and voices.

“Around the Table” will be edited by Michelle Ha, alongside assistant editors Isabella Wang and Asna Shaikh, and shadow Shristi Uprety. The team will be looking for fiction and nonfiction prose, poetry, black-and-white art and photographs, and mixed-genre/hybrid writings, so submit in whichever form you feel tells your story the best. 

The idea of “Around the Table” is to curate a safe space for Asian stories and to uplift Asian voices of all kinds. This includes, but is not exclusive of, stories and voices of Asians from the South, East, Southeast, West, Southwest, Pacific, and Central, queer Asians, Asians of diasporic groups, and Canadian/American or Westernised Asians. We would like for you to interpret our theme in any way that resonates with you, whether that’s exploring topics less talked about–like the intersectionality of being queer and Asian–breaking harmful stereotypes and overdone tropes, or simply just wholesome stories and artworks of Asian joy, or maybe something entirely different. So come sit around the table and share your story however you see fit.

Before submitting, please read our About section to see if your work fits within Room’s mandate, then refer to the Submission Guidelines on how to format your work. We are an international feminist magazine, and encourage writing and art submitted to us from all over the world.

Deadline: July 31

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