Black History Month: Black/Afro-Indigenous Reading and Media List

Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros


In our final week celebrating Black History Month with the Indigenous Brilliance Collective and Room Magazine, we are excited to share a short, and by no means exhaustive, list of books and media (including Instagram accounts, films, artwork, music, and podcasts) by or featuring Black/Afro-Indigenous writers and creatives. This list comes to you at the close of February and Black History Month, as the work to educate ourselves and show up for Black folks should happen year-round.

Be sure to check out the screening of award winning film Where We Meet by Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros and Lexi Mellish-Mingo screening online February 28th at 1pm (PST), and look back at all of the brilliant content that Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros has curated all month:
Amber Starks on Blackness and Indigeneity
Nic Wayara on Black and Indigenous Solidarity
What is Hogan’s Alley?
Interview with Where We Meet film directors Lexi Mellish-Mingo and Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros
What Does Afro-Indigenous/Black-Indigenous Mean?


Confounding the Color Line: The Indian-Black experience in North America by James F Brooks

Black Indian: A Memoir by Shonda Buchanan

Who’s Afraid of Black Indians? A poetry collection by Shonda Buchanan

There’s Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous and Black Communities by Ingrid R G Waldron

Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage by William Loren Katz

Creole Indigeneity: Between Myth and Nation in the Caribbean by Shona N. Jackson

Ties That Bind: The Story of an Afro-Cherokee Family in Slavery and Freedom nonfiction by Tiya Miles

Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds: The African Diaspora in Indian Country nonfiction edited by Tiya Miles and Sharon Patricia Holland

The Cherokee Rose: A Novel of Gardens and Ghosts historical fiction by Tiya Miles

Black Slaves, Indian Masters: Slavery, Emancipation, and Citizenship in the Native American South by Barbara Krauthamer 

Instagram Accounts

Afro Indigenous Kin @afroindigenouskin created by @shaneseanne Mukaade Anishinaabe Kwe (Afro-Indigenous person) & @wapahkesis Jamaican and Nihithaw (Woods Cree) 

Amber Starks @melaninmvskoke

@blackindigenousliberation – online activism and educational content 

Black-Indigenous Series with Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones and NASRA on the (@insolidarityofficial) Instagram 

Larissa Crawford @larissa_speaks

Resistance Education @resistanceeducation

TataBele @afrobrujx 

@thelandbackbitch – Informative meme page by Black Indigenous 2S curator 

Films, Artwork, Music & Podcasts

The Black-Indigenous/Afro-Indigenous Experience by Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

Jihan Gearon on Blood Quantum in Indian Country

Afro Native Narratives: Documentary Project (ongoing) by Macha Rose, Michael Santiago, and Adrien Heckstall in partnership with I Love Ancestry

The Forgotten Slavery of Our Ancestors 

Visual installations by Natalie Ball 

Music by Martha Redbone

Music by Maimouna Youssefe “Aka Mumu Fresh”

Medicine for the Resistance: a podcast hosted by an Anishnaabe kwe and an Afro mystic looking at life through #Black and #Indigenous eyes.


This list was created with the help of the Indigenous Brilliance collective and in particular Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros, Patricia Massy, and Jessica Johns.



Thanks you for keeping up with our posts this month highlighting and celebrating Black/Afro-Indigeneity! We hope that you continue to prioritize acknowledging and understanding the diversity which exists within Indigenous identities and worldviews. It is our wish as a collective that you, our reader and community, will commit to the continued uplifting, protection and celebration of our Black relatives today and everyday outside of Black History/Futures Month. We are grateful for your time and attention and wish you a beautiful March and Spring season.



Until next time! Black Power, Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty forever.

Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros is a queer, inner-city Nêhiyaw and Afro-Brazilian Cafuzo. Born and raised in diaspora as a guest on the unceded Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam territories, she is currently a Youth Outreach Worker and member of the Room Magazine Editorial Team. Karmella is also working as the Indigenous Brilliance Community Engagement leader who coordinates the Indigenous Brilliance reading series, a collaborative series between Room Magazine and Massy Books, celebrating Indigenous women/2SQ storytellers. Her own artistry is multidisciplinary, grounded in honouring and witnessing the beauty of her environment and communities. Karmella’s most recent work was featured in the Festival Of Recorded Movement 2020, and Room Magazine issue 44.1. You can find her on Instagram @kc.bdb

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