Edited by 
Mary Anderson, Lora Lippert, Gayla Reid, and Gail van Varseveld

In this issue

Sheila Campbell, Claire Culhane, Kathy Downs, Frances Duncan, Elizabeth Gourlay, Eileen Kermaghan, Terry MacCormack, Heather Murray, Helen Potrebenko, Esther Robertson, Constance Rooke, Betsy Warland-Van Horn and Vera B. Williams

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  • 43.1 Hair cover
    Room 43.1, Hair
    Edited by Chelene Knight

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    Sonja Boon, Kat Cameron, Jhilam Chattaraj, Chelsea Comeau, Nikka Cornelio-Baker, Unnati Desai, Kimberly Edgar, Sherine Elbanhawy, Kim Fahner, Chantel Gibson, Ali Jo, Tamara Jong, Samantha Jones, Angélique Lalonde, Shelby Lisk, Asli Mahdi, Hannah McGregor, Téa Mutonji, stephanie roberts, Zoe Imani Sharpe, Mallory Tater, Délani Valin, Cara Waterfall, Adrianne Williams, Susan Wismer