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Room vol 25.4: Healing
Edited by 
Melva McLean

Artist Rotten Elf is inspired by the healing nature of art. Her colourful painting "Baby Hughie" graces the cover of this issue of Room of One's Own, and several black and white prints of her work are scattered among the poems and stories. Many of these stories and poems deal with healing, in literal and symbolic, physical and spiritual ways.

Artist's Statement

I do not view the purpose of art to be esoteric or commercial. I believe, as an act of faith, that without aesthetic images continually being created and recognized the human community suffers. Art is medicine for the spirit. The creating and witnessing of art are rituals benefitting our souls."

Rotten Elf lives in Kitchener, Ontario. She has a master of arts degree in religion and culture from Wilfrid Laurier University. Her artwork, some of which focuses on eating disorders and the psychological fragmentation of abuse, has been shown in several galleries and art websites. Elf's email address is max@sentex.net.

About the Contributors 

Janet A. Baker is a professor of English at National University, San Diego. Her poems have appeared in the Raven Chronicles, Visions-International and Moon Journal, and her chapbooks have been published by Inevitable Press and Moon Journal Press. She is co-editor of Van Gogh's Ear: The Uncollected Poems of James B. Allen ( National University Press, 2002). Janet lives in Encinitas, California .

Andrea Cameron teaches high school English in Brockville, Ontario. She has also taught in Nepal, Nunavut and Bella Bella, a First Nations community in British Columbia. When she isn't teaching, writing or painting, Andrea enjoys sea kayaking. "The Study of History" is her first published poem.

Joelene Heathcote is a recent master of fine arts graduate in creative writing from the University of British Columbia. Her poetry has been published in several journals, including Fiddlehead, the Antigonish Review, Event and Grain. The winner of THIS magazine's Third Annual Best New Writer Prize, her first collection of poetry, What's Between Us Can't Be Heard, will be published by Ekstasis in the fall of 2002. Joelene lives in Vancouver.

Sarah Roberts is a recent graduate of the creative writing program at the University of Victoria. Her work has appeared in the Inner Harbour Review and Susserus. "Buttons and Beers" is an excerpt from a forthcoming collection of stories about the fictional island of Smokecrest. Sarah lives in Gibsons, BC, where she writes a weekly newspaper column.

Ann Scowcroft is a writer and teacher. Her poetry has been published in several journals, including CV2, the Dalhousie Review, Event, the Malahat Review, and the New Quarterly. Ann lives with her husband, children and arthritic dog in rural Quebec. She is a fervent admirer of Mary Oliver's poetry.

In this issue

Tammy Armstrong
Janet A. Baker
Millicent C. Borges
Andrea Cameron
Jan Conn
Ariel Gordon
Rose Hamilton-Gottlleb
Joelene Heathcote
Heather MacLeod
Andrea MacPherson
Susan E. McCaslin
C. Leiren Mower
Cristina Peralejo
Elizabeth Oakes
Mary O'Connor
Sarah Roberts
Rotten Elf
Andrea Rudy
Gurjit Sandhu
Ann Scowcroft

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