Fainting Couch Feminists Episode Seventy-Four: Powerful, Terrifying Brains: Brandi Bird Talks Psychosis and OCD

Interview by 
Mica Lemiski

Three years ago, Brandi Bird began experiencing some terrifying delusions. They believed their neighbour was building a bomb, their step-mom had been replaced, and people everywhere were out to harm them. Only recently did Brandi realize that what they experienced was psychosis—a highly stigmatized mental illness, and one we rarely talk about. In this ep, Brandi chats with Mica about what may have triggered their psychotic break, how they sought treatment in the psych ward, and the link between OCD and eating disorders. Brandi also discusses poetry, Indigeneity, the problem with words like "resilience." Also: buy Brandi's chapbook. It's called "I Am Still Too Much" (Rahila's Ghost Press) and it will knock your socks RIGHT OFF!

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