Deep Salt Water: Month One

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Room is pleased to feature the captivating and thought-provoking Deep Salt Water, an interdisciplinary collaboration between four artists—author Marianne Apostolides, collage artist Catherine Mellinger, photographer Melanie Gordon, and composer Paul Swoger-Ruston—based on the forthcoming book by Apostolides of the same title.

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Deep Salt Water is an intimate memoir about abortion, expressed through the language and imagery of the ocean. Gravitating around a central love story—the reconnection of a couple who’d had an abortion twenty years earlier—Deep Salt Water draws its readers into universal themes of loss, time, and creation.

To hear this month’s text read aloud by Apostolides, embedded in a larger sonic landscape by Swoger-Ruston, scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Deep Salt Water: Month One


“Yes, sweetie.”

“Why is there seaweed on your body?”

“Because I’m a woman.”

“Then I’m not a woman.”

“Not yet,” I say. But you will be, my love… “Now open wide.”

I place a grain of sand in her mouth, tucked deep beneath her tongue.



I was twenty-three when my pearl was formed. He hadn’t yet kissed me; I already knew. I’m stubborn and willful. My mother repeatedly called me a “misery.” She wasn’t wrong: I was never meant to be a child.

“Next slide, please.”

He was giving a keynote. I sat at the back of the conference room. The slide dropped down: projected, bright, he described his findings. I watched his hands; I set my sights. When I awoke in the hotel bed, the jewel was luminous in my mouth.

“Next slide.”


I learned from experience: Blythe would get her grain of sand from my clean fingers. This is the duty of the mother. My mom didn’t realize; she never put the sand in my mouth. I discovered, by accident. Women were frolicking in the waves. The Greek wore swim trunks the colour of cherries; his mass of hair was matted and wet. It’s the scent of the ocean. “He’s catching fish with his hands,” my mom said. In the rocks, in the shallows, where water is warm. He bent forward, ass high, both his hands submerged. “It doesn’t need to be deep,” he said. He winked, as if he’d caught me, looking.

“Next slide.”

The man sold marble from quarries in Greece. He’d shown us samples, which we all touched. I liked the one with emerald green, with veins of black. He saw me, fondling. He wouldn’t tell a soul, he said. Finger to his lips; fingers to my lips. The shower was running. My swimsuit was clammy; it rolled like a tube down my thighs in the water. The man was watching: smiles like cherries. My mother had warned me about the ocean, but he was family. We didn’t suspect it. The marble was smooth, with a sheen like liquid. “Rub it,” he said. He was panting now. He’d caught a fish. I heard the thrash. It’s frantic, with the long-fat muscle in his palm. That night, I found a grain of sand in the folds of my body. I took it, furtive, to my tongue.

“Next slide, please.”

This is the power of undertow: not blithe on the shore, with lotion, bikinis; with dry sand and music. That’s not denial. That’s ignorance, childhood: sun without blisters. But my will is monstrous. I see an octopus moving in water. The bulb of its head is the frightening part. We can feel it approaching: the suckers and tentacles, massive brain. It’s jetting forward. I understand fear.



Slide like lava, warm and thickly: undertow.

Three-quarters of all species will be dead.

Her lifetime is ended, a curious thing.

With my head on his chest, I’ll convince myself that the worst is over.

Next slide, "please": the octopus is moving faster. 

Click here to listen to Swoger-Ruston's ethereal soundscape, featuring Apostolides' reading of Deep Salt Water: Month One.

To read Deep Salt Water: Month Two click here. 


Deep Salt Water by Marianne Apostolides will be published by BookThug in April 2017, but you can pre-order your copy, which will be shipped to you before the book is launched.

This month's images are from Seaweed, a mixed-media collage by Catherine Mellinger, macro-photographed by Melanie Gordon. 

We’d like to acknowledge the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council, which funded Marianne Apostolides in the writing of her text, and the Waterloo Regional Arts Fund, which funded Catherine Mellinger in the creation of her collages.



Marianne Apostolides is the author of five books, three of which have been translated. She’s also a recipient of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship. Deep Salt Water is forthcoming from BookThug in spring 2017.

Catherine Mellinger is an analog collage artist and mixed media artist whose works find inspiration in ideas originated by the Dadaist and early Surrealists, breaking the barriers of an image in order to re-infuse it with lyricism. Using vintage paper ephemera and personal photographs mixed with pencil, pen, and watercolour, her collages explore and reflect on memory as a sensory experience. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and having studied in Toronto, Catherine now lives Waterloo, Ontario.

Melanie Gordon is a conceptual and documentary photographer based in Toronto. For the past 20 years, she's been inquiring into the nature of time, the meaning of home, and the shifts in her own identity as a woman, mother, and artist. Melanie's photographs have been described as intimate and magical tellers of stories. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and published in magazines and books in Canada and internationally.

Paul Swoger-Ruston engages in a philosophy and science of music that considers style a compounding of evolutionary, environmental, and cultural patterns of observation, evaluation, and imitation that obscure the dynamic, emergent properties of interactive gesture (body), acoustical space (environment), and neural entrainment (ear/mind).

“It's Canadian, feminist, and one of my favourite things ever.”

—bucketofrhymes, "29 Amazing Literary Magazines You Need To Be Reading", Buzzfeed Books

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