Stacy Gardner

Stacy Gardner

Stacy Gardner is a member of the Writers Guild of Canada and Playwrights Guild of Canada, she is a recipient of Columbia's Scholastic Press Association Award in NYC for non-fiction, and a Toronto Arts Council Grant for Playwriting. She has published poems with Room, Black Moss Press, and Discord & Din; essays for WANL’s WORD, and creative non-fiction for Gailey Road. A background in social work and journalism, Stacy’s life and work has always revolved around ‘story’. Stacy’s play, After the Sirens, premiered at the St. John’s Short Play Festival in September 2018, and she is currently pacing herself in the writing of another play, a short story and relishing the reads for Room. for more info or FB's Quills on the Edge. She lives in St. John’s, NL with her young son. @GardnerStacy

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  • Room 41.4, Emergence
    Edited by Alissa McArthur

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