Sacred Self-Care for Writers: Self-Effort and Grace with Jónína Kirton

Sacred Self-Care for Writers: Self-Effort and Grace with Jónína Kirton
Saturday, July 8, 2017, 1-5pm at 24 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Cost: $40 + tax (includes two back issues of Room)
Maximum # of Participants: 12

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In the rushing that has become the new normal, self-effort is getting quite the work-out, while grace sits on the shelf at home, right next to our favourite book of poetry. Once tired, we collapse only to rise again the next day and do it all over. Or not—maybe we can’t bring ourselves to enter the self-effort stream today and ‘grace’ will not send that email or make that phone call.

In the push—pull of a writing life, there are many demands and sometimes our self-care suffers. Yet, so much grace abides in self-care; especially if we begin to think of it as a sacred act. Perhaps it is reverence for our own being and the writing that we are doing that is most required today. Seems bold to think of ourselves as being worthy of sacred self-care or our writing as sacred text, particularly if the spiritual world is foreign to us or is something only those with special authority do. Having answered the call to write, we are already in the realm of spirit. Words have power and, if we are careful with ourselves and our words, there is unseen assistance available to us. This untapped potential lost in the rushing that comes when we lean too heavily into self-effort.

Together we will explore the role that self-effort and grace are playing in your writing life. There are many ways to increase grace and bring more ease to your writing life. Using circle time, sound and breath work we will drop down into our bodies, cleanse and clear our spirits, and having entered a more receptive state—what some might call a state of grace—we will write.

What to bring: Wear comfortable clothing, bring a small snack to share, and a shawl or blanket. You will need something to write with—a journal and a pen or pencil is best.

About the Instructor:

Jónína Kirton is a prairie-born Métis/Icelandic poet, author, and facilitator. She currently lives in Vancouver, in the unceded territory of the Salish people. Since entering recovery in 1986 she has been interested in spirituality. Much of her work with the sacred has been with women. A recovering new ager she has experienced the highs and lows spiritual seeking can bring. Her sacred circle work fueled in part by her curiosity about spirit, memory and the body. A late comer to the writing life Kirton graduated from Simon Fraser University’s Writer’s Studio in 2007 and is a member of its Advisory Board as well as the liaison for its Indigenous Advisory Board. Kirton is also a member of Room's editorial board.

In 2016, she received Vancouver’s Mayor’s Arts Award for an Emerging Artist in the Literary Arts category. Nominated by her mentor Betsy Warland, Kirton is excited to be Warland’s apprentice at the 2017 SFU Writer’s Studio. Kirton also won first prize and two honourable mentions in the Royal City Literary Arts Society’s Write-on Contest in 2013, and an honourable mention in 2014 in the Burnaby Writers contest.

Kirton’s work has been featured in a number of anthologies and literary journals, including the Humber Literary ReviewRicepaper magazine (Asian/Aboriginal Issue), V6A: Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown EastsideOther Tongues: Mixed Race Women Speak OutPagan EdgeFirst Nations DrumToronto Quarterly and Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. Her first collection of poetry, page as bone ~ ink as blood was released to wide acclaim by Talonbooks in 2015. Her second collection of poetry, An Honest Woman, was just released in the Spring 2017 (again with Talonbooks).

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