Revision Love: A Course with editor Rachel Thompson

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A course offered by Rachel Thompson, who is also an experienced editor with Room.


This online course is self-paced with weekly lessons open from September 5 - 26, 2017
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If you're getting bleary-eyed looking at writing you've revised many, many times, come get help polishing your piece until it shines. This course will bring your revision skills to the next level, giving you new tools for your writing practice that will help your poems or stories sparkle.

In this three-week course, you will get lots of advice from Rachel, motivating bi-weekly assignments, and a supportive community of writers. Come connect with writers dedicated to their craft.

What people say about Rachel Thompson's teaching:

“Rachel Thompson is a teacher who speaks with warmth, empathy, good humour, and authority. She provides invaluable advice and support to writers, making even the most difficult challenges seem surmountable.”

—Doretta Lau, author of How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?


“Before I took Rachel's mini-course on revision, I was frustrated by my poetry. I appreciated that poetry provided an emotional outlet for me, but I knew that my words were not successful at making my reader feel anything. I was also afraid to write about issues and events in my life which truly upset me.

Rachel's course helped me to see what gives writing a literary quality and I came to realize that my writing used to contain cliches and was overly obvious and heavy-handed in its delivery of meaning. I also noticed how I seemed to always feel the need to end my poems dramatically.

After Rachel's lessons and conversations with other individuals in the course, I completed exercises to improve my poetry writing and noticed a big difference in my writing style. I also tackled writing about an issue that I had tried to repress for several years and it was incredibly cathartic. Through Rachel's course I met a critique partner with whom I still correspond and I just received news that the poem I wrote during the program will soon be published in a literary magazine. This course has made me more confident in my writing abilities and I fully believe is the reason I will soon be published. I added poetry to the young adult novel I am working on and hope to continue submitting to literary magazines now that I have an added boost of confidence."

—Marie Hoy

What to bring: You will need to have a written work in progress that you have taken on as far as you can, but you’re stuck in revision. This course works best for prose writing up to 4,000 words, or a suite of poems of up to 10 pages. (It can be shorter.)

Things to note:

  • Although this is not a critique class, you will be able to ask specific questions about your writing in progress and you’ll also be able to post short excerpts for comment from your instructor and peers.
  • Taking a Room course does not give writers any preferential treatment when it comes to submitting to the magazine. (Your future submissions will be read by another editor, not your instructor.)

Cost: $120 + GST (Course includes a one-year subscription, or subscription extension, to Room magazine.)


On which specific dates within this 3-week period will the course take place on?
This is a self-paced course. Each week you'll get two assignments you can do at times that work for you, and you'll be able to post about your progress when you're ready. Office hours times will be set at a time that will work for the majority of the students enrolled, and there will be video replays if you can't attend live.

How long is each class and what time does each class start?
The lessons will be in video format for you to watch and take action on your own schedule. I suggest you have 2-4 hours available to work on your writing each of the three weeks of the course.

About the Instructor

Rachel Thompson joined Room's editorial collective in 2010, where she previously served as Managing Editor. Her debut collection of poems, Galaxy (Anvil Press, 2011), won the SFU Writer's Studio's First Book Competition. She helps writers make their most luminous words shine.

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