Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson's collection of poetry, Galaxy, was published by Anvil Press and won SFU’s First Book Competition in 2011. The contest judge, Gregory Scofield, wrote in his comments that the book had “Wonderful and clear imagery as well as a ‘real’ and ‘true’ sense of place, love, longing, family, and the constant struggle and re-negotiation of self and experience.”

Rachel has edited four issues with Room, Mythologies of Loss, Murder, Lust, and Larceny, In Translation, and Family Secrets. She was formerly Room's Managing Editor and is currently our Poetry Coordinator. Rachel hosts the Lit Mag Love Podcast, and she teaches courses for a warm community of writers on getting published (Lit Mag Love), revision (Revision Love), and self-promotion (Writer Website Love). She’s returned to writing after a prolonged absence and is working on short memoir pieces and poetry. Her writer website can be found at rachelthompsonwriter.com

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