Room Celebrates the Big 3-0!

This year, Room has a lot to celebrate—the premier Canadian journal of female writing and art is turning 30!

To commemorate this momentous milestone, we shortened our name (from Room of One's Own to, simply, Room), updated our look, added new editorial features, and of course, had a party! A wine and cheese gala was held at Centre A in Vancouver on March 21 to launch issue 30.1. Against the backdrop of artistic works by Sally Lee and Bernadette Phan, guests were treated to a reading from Diane Haynes' interview with Devyani Satlzman, poetry readings by Elizabeth Bachinsky and Anna Helena Warje, and a musical performance by Mary Castle.

Anna Helena Warje Diane Haynes Elizabeth Bachinsky

Anna Helena Warje

Diane Haynes

Elizabeth Bachinsky


“It's Canadian, feminist, and one of my favourite things ever.”

—bucketofrhymes, "29 Amazing Literary Magazines You Need To Be Reading", Buzzfeed Books

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