Passions and Indiscretions

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18.4: Passions and Indiscretions
Edited by 
Thyrza Cohen

In this issue

Michelle Alfano, Michelle Bellerose, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Linda Browne, Ritz Chow, Katherine Dodds, Cathryn Dimock, Nancy Harvey, Elizabeth Haynes, Diane Joyce, Susan McMaster, Nancy Robertson, and Margo Wheaton

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    Edited by Arielle Spence

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    Amy Louise Baker, Jenny Boychuk, Jessica Bromley Bartram, Monica Joy Claesson, Kess Costales, Sophie Crocker, Ruth Daniell, Alex Hall, Cody Klippenstein, Suzanne Langlois, Teresa E Lobos, Lynne M MacLean, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Isabelle Nguyen, Gaëlle Planchenault, Melanie Power, Natasha Ramoutar, Nilofar Shidmehr, jaye simpson, Cristalle Smith, Emily Urquhart, Yilin Wang, Hannah V Warren, Christine Wei, Lan Yao