Yoko's Dogs

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her cardinals return
from the west
printed on napkins

wine smears
on top of lipstick smears

April in Montreal
even the detours
have detours

this gravel road
ends in a ditch

spring peepers—
the marsh grass slick
in moonlight

his yellow wheelbarrow
loaded with split alder

juggle windfall pears
for the villagers

a scarecrow has a brain
only in Oz

he mistakes his neighbour
for his wife

train uncoupling—
one half pulled north, the other east

crossing the prairie
one February

fields of stubble and silos
nothing like England

tourists chip fossils
from the cliff
then leave them on the beach

twenty-million-year-old razor clams

microwave vermicelli
with clam sauce—
Haiku brand!

mulberry festival?
I’ll wear my Bengali sari

it’s not her party
that Georgie girl
dancing in drag

fortunes rise and fall
while the Aegean remains Aegean

no need
for the steel-plated hull
of an ice-breaker

she slices cheddar
passes it on the knife

one man’s garbage—
a squirrel runs off with a baguette
in its teeth

a rain-soaked cedar
shaking the moon from its branches

fill his hat
with musty apricot

she rakes leaves into piles
he kicks them apart

a stolen kiss
comes back to me
as leaf smoke

old letters wrapped in ribbon
burn hotter in the fire

unfolding crisp tissue
from the pink box—
new ballet slippers

my feet are dogs

drawn there by sweetness
she picks the first

ducks lift from the river
into the rainclouds

she checks the rice
mops her face
with the skirt of her sundress

all the orchard ladders
are in the orchard

rishis tell us
surrender the fruits
of our labours

the bees don’t know
they’re in the jardin des refusés

the Italian tenor
is homesick

each year
celebrating the yellow fever vaccine

Yoko’s Dogs consists of poets Jane Munro (Vancouver Island), Susan Gillis (Montreal), Jan Conn (Great Barrington, Massachusetts), and Mary di Michele (Montreal). Their first book, Whisk, is available from Pedlar Press. Visit their site at

“It's Canadian, feminist, and one of my favourite things ever.”

—bucketofrhymes, "29 Amazing Literary Magazines You Need To Be Reading", Buzzfeed Books

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