How to Start Your Podcast (Oct 16 - Nov 6, 2018)

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How to Start Your Podcast is an online course for aspiring podcasters. It is especially geared toward feminists and book lovers who want a roadmap to creating their own podcast. If you're like most creators, all the details of podcasting, including editing, tech, and organizing, keep you from creating your audio oeuvre. That's where this course comes in.

Cost: $197 CAD

Registration and more details about this course are available on Lit Mag Love's website.

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Mica Lemiski is a writer, podcaster, musician, and sound editing witch. Along with hosting and producing the weekly podcast, Fainting Couch Feminists, she is a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing graduate, and a regular contributor to She has a background in desktop music production and self-identifies as a hysterical woman.

Rachel Thompson is the founder of Lit Mag Love, a member of Room's editorial board and Room's former managing editor, a published author, and host of the Lit Mag Love Podcast, where she has interviewed numerous editors about submissions to their journals. She helps writers make their most luminous words shine with courses on revision, getting published, and promotion for writers.

Who is How to Start Your Podcast for?

Pretty much anyone who wants to start a podcast but doesn’t know where to begin! We’re looking for people who have a great idea or an almost-great idea but need some guidance—or maybe just a kick in the butt—to turn that idea into a real thing with a real audience. Our course is especially well-suited to anybody with a strong feminist sensibility and a desire to make the podcast soundscape a more inclusive, more diverse, more exciting space than it is currently. Given that our instructors are self-proclaimed literature nerds and/or pop culture fanatics, having an interest in either or both of these areas is a bonus as well. 

Isn’t podcasting a DIY thing? Do I really need to take a course?

True, you can start a podcast without any formal instruction, and there are plenty of free online resources to help you, but we’re offering to streamline that knowledge and save you a whole lot of time, effort, and confusion. The internet is a noisy place, and sifting through discussion boards can be tiresome and frustrating. We think frustration sucks, and we want to make the transition from “should I start a podcast?” to “I’m a podcaster and I love it” as smooth as possible.

A warm community of creators, no need to travel . . . 

How to Start Your Podcast is online and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection—and even then, the course materials can be downloaded to listen from your cabin in the woods. A warm community of creators from all over the world is available anytime to talk about podcasting.

How long is this course?

There are three modules in the course, launched weekly, and they come with concrete, detailed assignments that may take from 2-3 hours per week. It's really up to you. Though the live components of the course are held over three weeks, you can do the lessons entirely at your own pace, and you will have forever access to all the course materials.

Course Schedule & Lessons

Live Course: October 16–November 6, 2018

How to Start Your Podcast comprises three weekly lessons delivered in both PDF and (downloadable) audio files. Here's the schedule for the course:

Week One: Know your audience, choose a topic you can commit to, and write a manifesto.
Week Two: Getting to know your gear, recording your intro/outro, editing fundamentals.
Week Three: Your podcast plan and promotion calendar. Podcast publishing basics.

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