Short Forms Contest 2019: The Longlist

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Kayi Wong
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Thank you to all the writers who shared their short form pieces with us and our esteemed fiction judge, Gwen Benaway! Here are the twelve longlisted submissions from this year's contest.

Room's 2019 Short Forms Contest: The Longlist

“Baby Shark” by Sanchari Sur
“Breaking Patterns” by Sue Blott
“Cupid Women” by Gina Hay
“Dishes” by Rosie Long Decter
“From All Four Corners” by Roshni Riar
“Her Life's Work” by Jennilee Austria
“How To Find A Palm Tree” by Jasmine Gui
“I have decided not to go to Berlin” by Zoë Sager
“love letter to a broken archive” by Kai Minosh Pyle
“moonshaped midas” by Chimedum Ohaegbu
“Past Life” by Madeline Barber
“Seized” by Sanita Fejzic


We can't wait to share the shortlist and winners with you. In the meantime, check out our 2020 Fiction Contest, open until March 2020.

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