Announcing the Long Lists for our 2018 Poetry & Fiction Contest

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Room's Annual Poetry & Fiction Contest 2018: The Long Lists

You've waited long enough for the 2018 Poetry & Fiction Contest long list! This is the last time we will be running the poetry and fiction contest as one; you can check out our new contest calendar here. Next week, we will be announcing the shortlists of each category, as chosen by judges Zoe Whittall and Vivek Shraya.

Fiction Long List

“Gloria” by Amorina Kingdon
“Where Are You ?” by Claire Hoffman
“98.9, Late-Night Radio with Jimmy Andrews” by Claire Hoffman
“Whiteout” by Jessica Waite
“Duppy” by Joanne Szilagyi
“Madam and Yves” by Kate Felix
“They Comes on the Ice” by Kate Felix
“Keeper” by Kate Finegan
“Six Things My Father Taught Me About Bears” by Leah Mol
“Blackout Poetry” by Maddy Fay Robinson
“Marybelle and Marebelle” by Pamela van der Woude
“When Foxes Die Electric” by Paola Ferrante
“Tag” by Rebecca Morris
“Dreamcatcher” by Rebekah Skochinski
“The Church Basement” by Sarah Lord
“Selvedge” by Sile Englert
“Sister Water” by Sophia Ross
“Retrospective” by Tanya R. Ward
“Picnic at Blythewood” by Victoria Hamilton

Poetry Long List

“A ballad for messy brown girls” by Angela Britto
“Because You Know Birds’ Mouths Are Clean” by Chelsea Comeau
“Things in the Water We Cannot See” by Chelsea Comeau
“Ladybug, Ladybug” by Cristalle Smith
“Amelia, vanished” by dee Hobsbawn-Smith
“Curatives for morning sickness” by dee Hobsbawn-Smith
“Bloodfed” by Heather Fraser
“Emilys” by Jay Gordon
“flight risks” by Jody Chan
“The Vagina Room” by Meharoona Ghani
“Leelah” by Rachel Evelyn Sucher
“Child machine” by Rebecca Salazar
“Poem for unwilling mothers” by Rebecca Salazar
“#she” by Rita Espeschit
“Os Justi” by Sarah Ens
“What She Was Drowning ” by Sarah Ens
“Minimal Pairs Are Words Holding Hands” by Selina Boan
“Run the Wound” by Selina Boan
“Anthropocene” by Susan Alexander
“Things I Want to Tell You” by Victoria Mbabazi

Thank you to everyone who entered! In the meantime, check out our annual Short Forms Contest, which accepts prose poem, short stories and essays of under 500 words. Open until November 1st.


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