Isabella Wang

awâsis–kinky and dishevelled

Louise Bernice Halfe – Sky Dancer’s sixth book, awâsis – kinky and dishevelled, shimmers and cackles on each page. “awâsis” is the nêhiyawêwin word for “child,” but, as Halfe states in the acknowledgements, the word translates beyond the concept of a child to mean “being lent a spiritual being.” Halfe lends the reader a spiritual being throughout the text: the title figure appears in each of the fifty-three poems. 

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Indigenous Brilliance Issue: Letter from the Editors

We asked ourselves what indigeneity meant for us on ministik/Turtle Island, what our work looked like in conversation with global indigeneity and global entanglements of colonialism and imperialism, how Indigenous Brilliance as a collective previously made space, or didn’t make space, for our Afro and Black-Indigenous kin. The issue, then, became a space for these questions to be explored, centred, and interrogated, and the result is a physical testament to the brilliance of every Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous creative celebrated throughout these pages, and all those they carry with them in their work.

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Letter from the Editor: Issue 44.2 City Rhythms

The city at night: I love it at this hour for its movement, rhythms, and peoples. As I walk, I look at the lights lining the buildings of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside— every flicker, every flashing square fading in and out is a story or poem I’d imagine of someone else’s life, transporting me into a rhythm of the city beyond myself.

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Illustration by Paige Jung of five Asian faces of various ages and skin colours. All are wearing bright clothes and have sombre expressions.

Editor: Michelle Ha
Assistant Editor: Shristi Uprety and Isabella Wang
Cover Art by Paige Jung

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