Announcing Room’s New Publisher: Nav Nagra

Room Magazine is moving into its next chapter with a new publisher. Nav Nagra has assumed the role of publisher as of November 14, 2019. Nagra brings to the role a variety of skills and experiences in nonprofit management. As the communications manager and diversity and inclusion facilitator at Vantage Point, Nagra has had the pleasure of working with many organizations to find their path to better inclusion and equitable practices including as a consultant with Breathing Space Creative. She is also a certified coach through Essential Impact, and serves on the boards of the Vancouver Art Book Fair and the Professional Development Committee of AFP Vancouver. She has been a Room collective member for over five years, holding a variety of roles.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Nav, someone I have been learning from since I started volunteering at Room three years ago. She cares and thinks deeply about the community around her, and has consistently been a source of great support for me and so many others. We are so lucky to have her,” Room managing editor Jessica Johns says. Johns and Nagra will comprise the leadership team of the Room collective, in charge of publishing the magazine, coordinating the annual Growing Room Festival and other efforts of the organization.

“I think what strikes me most when I think about taking on the publisher role is the amazing legacy I am following. Meghan Bell and Chelene Knight accomplished wonders for Room and I am so excited to pick up where they left off and keep going. I am extremely humbled by the Room collective and the vast talent we have and I am ecstatic to be able to work alongside Jessica Johns, who is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, and genuinely beautiful humans I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know,” Nagra comments, reflecting on her new role. Nagra will be replacing Meghan Bell, who is moving on to other professional opportunities and returning her focus to her writing.

“It is impossible to put into words how much Room Magazine and its community mean to me. I joined the collective in 2011, and have been privileged to learn and grow alongside the journal for nearly a decade. I’ve worked with Nav for years, and I’m overjoyed that such a qualified, lovely, and energetic person is stepping into the publisher role,” Bell comments. “I look forward to following her and Jessica Johns’s leadership as an editorial board member over the next few years, to continuing my own education, and my commitment to uplifting and supporting writers and artists across Canada. Room opened my eyes to worlds I was unfamiliar with and made me a better person. I hope, dear reader, it has done the same for you. The magazine and its people will forever hold space in my heart.”

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