Geffen Semach

Geffen graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Arts, specifically a double major in English and Creative Writing as well as a minor in Russian studies. At Dalhousie she took part in workshops with Carole Langille, Sue Goyette, Jamie Forester, as well as Alexander MacLeod at Saint Mary’s University. While in university she joined the editorial board of Dalhousie’s literary magazine, Fathom, and also became Dr. Yuri Leving’s editorial assistant for The Nabokov Online Journal. Since graduating, she has worked as an online editor for a magazine, Momentum. Currently, she is working as a copy writer and social media specialist at a Marketing Agency called Y5 Creative.

Currently on Newsstands

  • Room Vol 40.1: Food
    Room 40.1, Food
    Edited by Rose Morris, Kayi Wong

    In this issue:

    Sarah Beck, Ashwini Bhasi, Kat Cameron, Lucas Crawford, Dora Dueck, Marilyn Dumont, Rebecca Fishow, Veronica Fredericks, Rachel Jansen, Jane Kirby, Alexis von Konigslow, Lee Lai, Tess Liem, Alice Lowe, Tanis MacDonald , sab meynert, Silvia Pikal, Marika Prokosh, Keyu Song, Sylvia Symons, Ivy Tang, Carol Wainio, Kayi Wong, Catriona Wright, Nicole Xu