Cara Lang

Cara Lang is a freelance writer and editor in Vancouver, BC. After graduating from McGill with a degree in History and Political Science she did a stint in the Brazilian jungle, Bahia province, to learn yoga and meditation. She is now halfway through a Master's Degree in Creative Writing at Goddard College. Her thesis is a first novel, but she also writes short stories, poetry, and personal essays. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Carabwrites

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  • Room Vol 40.1: Food
    Room 40.1, Food
    Edited by Rose Morris, Kayi Wong

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    Sarah Beck, Ashwini Bhasi, Kat Cameron, Lucas Crawford, Dora Dueck, Marilyn Dumont, Rebecca Fishow, Veronica Fredericks, Rachel Jansen, Jane Kirby, Alexis von Konigslow, Lee Lai, Tess Liem, Alice Lowe, Tanis MacDonald , sab meynert, Silvia Pikal, Marika Prokosh, Keyu Song, Sylvia Symons, Ivy Tang, Carol Wainio, Kayi Wong, Catriona Wright, Nicole Xu