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Rachel Thompson

Aboriginal women writers, feminist films, great fiction and CNF, and interviews with authors and editors were popular reads on our website this year. Check out this list of 2015's top website posts...

#1: 14 Aboriginal Women Writers to Read this Summer

Our top post this year, by far, was this list produced by our new (at the time) editorial board member Jónína Kirton. The list truly “went viral” and continues to be read often now, well after summer has gone.

Read the interview with Jónína Kirton about her viral piece.

#2: Women of Colour Editors on the Upcoming Issue

Our second-most popular post was about the editors of our our highly anticipated “Women of Colour” issue, which also made the rounds though supportive women of colour online writing communities. All this sharing online lead to an overwhelming number of great submissions to the issue. You can read editors Nailah King and Christina Cooke's selections in March 2016.

#3: 5 Room Writers Show Us Their Writing Rooms

I asked five Room writers—two past contest judges, one past contest winner, and two commissioned writers—to share their spaces with us and tell us about how they work in each space. It turns out that many people are as nosy as I am.

#4: 14 Feminist Films of 2014

This list has stayed strong in our number four slot, over a year later. We didn't have a chance to pull a new list together this year, but send us your feminist film recommendations on Twitter or Facebook, and we may do one in the new year.

#5: Interview with 2015 CNF Contest Judge Ayelet Tsabari

Our interview with author Ayelet Tsabari, a Room regular and our 2015 creative non-fiction contest judge. Ayelet is also in our number three post on writing rooms.

#6: “Soft in the Middle”

Great CNF from our 2015 contest honourable-mention winner.

#7: 8 Canadian Gothic Books To Inspire You For Our Next Themed Issue

Another great reading list! From portraying families tormented by terrible secrets to hostile landscapes that forsake their inhabitants, Canadian writing isn’t afraid to get morbid, creepy or just plain weird—while still somehow maintaining a sense of humour.

#8: “Flotsam and Jetsam”

Honourable mention in our 2014 contest fiction category.

#9: “Wallflower, Late Bloomer”

Honourable mention in our 2014 CNF contest, by Christa Couture who also appeared in our number three post on writing rooms.

#10: An interview with Room issue 38.4 editor Taryn Hubbard

Roomie Terri Brandmueller talked to Taryn Hubbard about writing, poetry, and working with Room.

#11: “Wildlife”

Another honourable mention, this time from our 2014 poetry category.

#12: “Disappearing on Paper”

Naya Valdellon's poetry from issue 38.2, How We Relate, took our number twelve spot.

#13: “Saying Hello To Fear”

Kate Braid, our 2016 CNF competition judge, also had this CNF piece in issue 38.2, How We Relate.

#14: 5 Room Writers Talk About Their Writing Tools (Photos)

Another behind-the-writing-scenes piece. This time we talked with five Room writers about their preferred writing tools to get a further glimpse into how they work.

#15: “Waiting”

Clara Kumagai's story from 37.4, Claiming Space.

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