Creative Non-Fiction Contest 2019: The Longlisted Essays

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Kayi Wong

Photo credit: Carissa D'andrade

You've waited long enough. Here are the thirteen longlisted essays from our 2019 Creative Non-Fiction Contest!

Room's 2019 CNF Contest: The Longlist

“A Knowing” by Kelly Thompson
“A Leaf on the Wind” by Lindsey Carmichael
“A Mother is Not A Zero-Sum Game” by Elaine van der Geld
“Back Home” by Shaelyn Johnston
“Dazzle Camouflage” by Kim Dhillon
“Diptych: Animal, Instinct” by Deborah Elderhorst
“During the Confessional Act, the Field Will Appear Very Still” by Lauren Turner
“In the Waiting Room” by Danna Bodenheimer
“Mermaid Dragon Disco” by Jade Urban
“Nevaeh” by Sara de Waal
“Retrograde: I dreamt of flowers and flight” by Janis McKenzie
“sink” by Rachel Lallouz
“White Space” by Brandi Bird


Thank you to every writer who trusted us and our judge, Terese Marie Mailhot, with their personal stories. Our CNF Contest opens every year on April 1st. And don't worry, the shortlist and winners will be announced shortly. Stay in touch.


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