Announcing the Long Lists for our 2017 Poetry and Fiction Contests

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Sierra Skye Gemma

Room's Annual Poetry & Fiction Contest 2016: The Long Lists

The long-awaited long lists are here! Next week, we will be announcing the shortlists of each category, as chosen by judges Jónína Kirton and Sigal Samuel, so stay tuned!

Fiction Long List
"Chicken Spit" by lisa young kutsukake 
"Coconut Bay Hotel" by Alison Braid 
"Dead Amy" by Michelle Kelm 
"Dead Boy Nudging" by Bonnie Etherington
"Declan's Starfish" by Vanwy Arif
"Dryden, the end of August 1995" by Susie Taylor
"Eat Me" by Allison Graves
"Effie" by Olivia Robinson
"Everlasting Happiness" by Terese Brasen
"Extreme Unction" by Caroline Griego
"Here, girl" by Kimberley Alcock
"I would have called you Lexi" by Tara Axon
"Linen on the Wire" by Amanda Ghazale Aziz 
"Malcontent" by Susie Taylor
"Submarine" by Dania Tomlinson
"The Butterfly Lovers" by Samantha Macpherson 
"The Tent" by Jane Campbell 
"What Falls Between" by Amanda Lang

Poetry Long List
"Angelica" by Jo Jefferson
"Ash Wednesday" by Jo Jefferson
"Bitter-berry" by Tamar Rubin
"Bruce Springsteen in Concert" by Hannah Green
"Clean/Fly/Plum" by Tasslyn Magnusson
"Complement to Blue" by Janice Colbert 
"Entonces (and so)" by Jo Jefferson 
"Flightless Birds" by Kiran Dhaliwal
"Hippocrene" by Ellie Sawatzky
"I Miss You" by Nolan Natasha Pike
"Maquis" by Cara Waterfall
"Method 1 If You Have Time to Prepare" by Selina Boan
"Mother's tongue" by Kiran Dhaliwal
"Obits" (suite) by Tess Liem 
"On Seeing Serena" by Trisha Heaney
"Preservation: Memories of My Mother After Miscarriage" by Sara de Waal
"sandal-rose thumbprint" by Kanwal Rahim
"Saskatchewan" by Paula Jane Remlinger 
"Snapshot of a Roofer" by Mary-Jane Holmes
"There are no rules here" by Sierra Warrick 
"Trump Card V: Le Pape" by Phoebe Tsang
"Under the Umbrella of a Whale" by Selina Boan
"Waterfowl" by Nolan Natasha Pike 

Thank you to everyone who entered. We will announce the shortlists next week, so check back soon!

In the meantime, check out our Cover Art Contest! The Deadline is November 30th!


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